Is their a difference between an ear bud for a cell phone and a 2 way radio?

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What is the difference between radio waves&cell phone waves?

Cell phone signals are transmitted through the medium of electromagnetic waves. The types of waves that make up the electromagnetic spectrum include (in part) radio waves, microwaves, infrared wave... Read More »

How can you access slacker radio on your cell phone?

Slacker radio is an online-based radio service that provides dozens of radio stations you can stream online free of charge, with occasional commercials. You can also create your own stations, "like... Read More »

Can a radio scanner pick up a cell phone?

Cellphones now use digital techniques, rather the the old analogue systems of the 1990s, so any signal picked up is not intelligible.

Does a cb radio fall under the new cell phone law in california?

The use of CB radios by drivers in California is not affected by the 2008 California cell phone law. Although this law prohibits the use of cell phones while driving, without a hands-free device, C... Read More »