Is their a cost if a parent wants to adopt her daughters child?

Answer Your best approach is to involve a lawyer to make sure that you follow all the steps properly to do this.

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Can a biological parent adopt their own child?

I dont think so. i mean lets pretend you gave birth. the hospital mostly is accurate on which baby is which. i read a book about that once and all the mother did was take her to her home.

Can you adopt a child after their adopted parent dies?

not unless there is a trace of family living in the world

If a 10 year old wants her stepfather to adopt her against her biological fathers wishes. Bio father has some contact but child wants stepfather to adopt. Will the court in VA recognize her desires?

Can a parent sign over their child to a friend so her friend can adopt her?

Why would you want to do that babies are sweet adorable and loving and so are children darn you for being mean to those kids how dare you I will make sure no one answers this question so you can't ... Read More »