Is their a community out there i can join for radio scanner listening?

Answer I have an app on my iPod called "police scanner 5.0 radio". If you have a device that downloads apps, give it a try!

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What is a good Police Scanner Antenna for my Pro 404 Radio Shack scanner?

RadioShack carries great antennas…ScannerMaster does as well…

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Whats a good scanner for listening to trains?

Radio Shack makes two handheld scanners that both have a 2GB card in the scanner that has the entire RadioReference frequency database. All you have to do is scroll through and pick your area. The ... Read More »

Is there something that allows you to see if people are listening to a radio station?

The closest to this is the PPM, or personal people meter. The station's signal is "encoded" at the radio station's audio chain, and the PPM device is able to detect when and how long the station's ... Read More »