What is the youtube channel of that family that films a video of their lives everyday?

Answer Shaytards

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Why is it that some that claim to be SO HAPPY with their lives continuously try to pester others ?

I think they feel the need to be the adoption language police and of course they need to be here to tell adoptees and natural Moms never to search etc etc because they believe secrecy is best for t... Read More »

Animals That Lost Their Lives and Homes Due to the Cutting Down of the Rainforest?

Swathes of rainforest in countries from Madagascar to Peru disappear each day, destroyed by humans who cut the trees down to make room for livestock, farming and the production of materials. This a... Read More »

Could a 14-year-old who lives in North Carolina with their mom all the time but would like to spend alternate weeks with their dad tell the judge that is how they would like the custody to be divided?

Answer Yes, a child of 14 could request to speak to the judge in private to explain how they feel.There is no guarantee, however, that the judge would grant the child's request, as custodial decis... Read More »

Is there any way to block usb drive access Windows so that employees could not access their usb drive?

Try EAM:…It can help monitor and block usb usage.