Is the yahoo sever still down?

Answer down all day sunday ok now [manchester]

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How to Sever Ties With an Ex?

Severing ties with an ex is all about being strong and having the commitment to move on, when you know in your heart it's just not right.

I need help with my minecraft sever?

A solution to that may be to increase server memory by -Xmx1024m where changing the number "1024" to something higher.

What is a proxy sever?

A proxy server is a computer that serves as a gateway, connecting a local network, such as the computers owned by a company, to a large network such as the World Wide Web. Proxy servers are capable... Read More »

How do I start my own minecraft sever?

If you don't want to build in survival, why don't you start a creative single-player world? It gives you flying, unlimited blocks and pretty much everything else. There is no point starting a serve... Read More »