Do Ya really believe in DECEMBER 21 2012?

Answer Do not be scared. I assure you that the world will not end on 2012 December 21 but it will end one day. Nostradamus’ prediction of when the earth will end is far into the future, past about 370... Read More »

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Is facebook down 10th December 2012?

it's working just fine for me - the server your account is on is probably just under maintenance

Who is going to win American idol 2012?

Who is going to win celebrity big brother 2012?

Frankie cocozza will win celebrity big brother...... I think the twins will go next.

I am going to Australia from mid-December to mid-January...which city should I go to?

For that time of the year you should head down south to Melbourne where the weather is brilliant! Up north will be raining, flooding and having cyclones.It's a big city with lots to see and do incl... Read More »