Is the website cliquesters on cyberbully a real website?

Answer Lemme just help you all out a little bit. Cliquesters is not a real site. It's based off of Clicksters which cause a young girl to kill herself a couple years ago and was shut down. If you guys wan... Read More »

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Does anyone know how to make a website, like a real website?

www.piczo.comBut it will be like www.(yourwebsitename).piczo.comSo the .piczo will always be thereIf u want it jsut to be .com you ahve to pay for it

Is cupid really real cause on another website it said he was real who sould you believe?

i think nora (if that's how you spell it) dumped him. she went out with another guy and got pregnant as you should know if you seen the movie :) x

Is www.coachfactoryoutlets./net i real website ?

Well if it shows up on your screen, it's obviously a real website don't you think?Edit: Uh....did you not ask if the WEBSITE was real? Of course it's real. As far as whether it's trustworthy, that ... Read More »

Is meganparkercom a real website?

I looked it up and it goes onto the icarly website so therefore it isnt real