Is the real housewives of Beverly hills scripted?

Answer Of course it is staged, like all reality shows.

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What was the scripted paranormal tv show that used to air reruns on TNT not X Files This show aired about 8-10 years ago It featured a team of paranormal scientists It was a group of 5 or 6?

What is the hills is it really a reality tv show or a show based on a reality tv show?

The Hills, Is not a reality show, it is reality in the way that, they are filming in real locations in public places and so on, but multiple takes are done and it is somewhat scripted, hence it not... Read More »

Is the Mtv Show The Hills Fake or Real?

It was fake.Even Kristen admitted she played to the Bit*y character and the producers even bribed the girls to say on Camera that Kristen was doing drugs when she wasn't. They bribed the girls with... Read More »

What is the theme song for the MTV show called the hills?