Is the tooth the only body part that can't repair itself?

Answer Tooth and nails

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How long does it take for a body to repair itself from liver problems?

The liver is possibly the toughest organ in the body, but also one of the most abused. Recovery from liver problems can take only a few weeks, but people often neglect to allow the liver to heal pr... Read More »

How do you repair an RCA TV that keeps turning itself on and off?

You should be able to fix it....all you need is to find an Authorized RCA service center and pay them to come to your home....Many servicers do have IN - HOME service....they come out to your home,... Read More »

My tooth is turning grey and i cant get to the dentist for 3 weeks is that too long?

Usually this discoloration is a sign that the tooth has died or is going to. At this point there isnt really anything you can do to save it. So the time gap you are dealing with is not going to mak... Read More »

Where is that bottom part, I cant see?