Is the Heart of the Ocean necklace in the film"Titanic"real?

Answer The Heart of the Ocean necklace does not exist. It was a fabrication of director James Cameron for use in his movie "Titanic." He based the Heart of the Ocean loosely on the Hope Diamond, which is ... Read More »

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Did you cry at the end of Titanic?

When she threw the diamond overboard, yes!

How to Do Titanic Make Up?

The Lovely soft look of a lady's make up on the Titanic is still stunning today. It is natural, but yet with some lady like accents.

In the movie titanic?

Those two actors were never in the movie.

Do you cry at movies Did you cry at Titanic?

No, I didn't cry at Titanic. I fell asleep. I used to cry at movies but then I stopped after I had my son. I mean, I watched The Boy in the Striped Pajamas without crying. I am invincible.