Is the time you volunteer tax deductible?

Answer The IRS does not permit you to deduct the value of the time you spent volunteering; however, you may deduct costs you incurred such as gas for the drive to the volunteering site as a charitable con... Read More »

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Is volunteer work in a Hospital tax deductible?

Volunteer work is not deductible. Otherwise, I would not owe any tax!

I would like to have time to volunteer with the sheriffs department as a Reserve Officer?

As a member of a very active Wilderness Search and Rescue team (volunteers working with the Sheriff’s department), and its Medical Director for more than 25 years, I can tell you that being an Em... Read More »

Is the donation of time to a charity tax-deductible?

The Internal Revenue Service does not allow you to deduct the value of time that you donate to charity. However, you can deduct costs of goods that you use. For example, while you couldn't deduct t... Read More »

If you have an accident before the deductible is lowered but the claim is not filed until after which deductible applies?

Answer The deductible at the time of the accident not the time of claim.