Is the time between the answers and the questions shortened to save time on Jeopardy game show?

Answer Portions of the show not affecting the outcome have been edited. I very mush doubt that saving air time is one of those things, they would cut any dead air where nothing is happening to move the sh... Read More »

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What is the number of answers on game show Jeopardy?

There are 61 answers/questions in a complete game of Jeopardy - 30 in the Jeopardy Round, 30 in the Double Jeopardy Round and 1 in the Final Jeopardy Round.

Game show questions and answers?

John Carpenter, Dan Blonsky, Joe Trela, Bob House, Kim Hunt, David Goodman, Kevin Olmstead, Bernie Cullen, Ed Toutant, Kevin Smith and Nancy Christy.There are two more if you count Robert "Bob O" E... Read More »

Do you think it would save time if Answers put this at the top of the page in the medical section?

Excellent suggestion sweetie. I have to admit it does become a bit tiresome having to repeat the same answer 50x daily. The Pill one always floors me; I can't understand why a) they don't listen to... Read More »

Where can you find bluff master game show questions and answers?

I was watching this Show which was very interesting.Could you please share the questions with us.