If I loose a thumb, have I lost a finger?

Answer yes, that's one less 2 fist with!

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Doctors--hand pain between thumb and index finger?

The pain in between your thumb and index finger could be due to injury to the capsule and cartilage of the small joints in your hand.

How long will it take for my thumb and middle finger to heal?

I don't think there is much you can do besides let them heal.

How does a hole in the skin in the middle of your thumb and pointer finger heal?

If it is pretty big and deep stitches are required. Otherwise you apply Neosporin and have a bandage after cleaning the wound with warm water containing any antiseptic lotion.

Why does pinching the area between your index finger and thumb get rid of pain?

It's a myth.I've suffered migrains and I've had cramps. Never worked for me.I have plenty of friends who've tried it. No dice. It's crap.