Is the thing saying you won an ipad2 real?

Answer Not at all.

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If you had such strong braxton hicks contractions last night that you thought it was the real thing does that mean real labor is close?

Answer No, braxton hicks just help your uterus prepare but it does not mean you are close to delivery trust me I have been there too sweetie.

Is the ipad1 and ipad2 the same thing?

The ipad and ipad 2 are similar but the Ipad2 is a little better. They upgraded the software and gave it a camera both regular and front facing. Also since it has a front facing camera it can face ... Read More »

Is ipad2 real?

Its Thicker and Lighter!

Is Burberry Blue Label the real thing?

On One Hand: Manufactured By Burberrys of LondonBurberrys of London licensed their name and signature checkered pattern to the Japanese company Sanyo Shokai Ltd. in 1996. Burberry Blue Label handb... Read More »