Is the thing saying you won an ipad2 real?

Answer Not at all.

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Is the ipad1 and ipad2 the same thing?

The ipad and ipad 2 are similar but the Ipad2 is a little better. They upgraded the software and gave it a camera both regular and front facing. Also since it has a front facing camera it can face ... Read More »

We bought a printer in June and the stupid thing won't print and keeps saying we are out of ink?

You don't say what make of printer it is which might help or whether you are able to even print out a test page. If not, do that and if it prints a test then you know there is nothing wrong. What a... Read More »

On one is saying happy bday to me and a relative did but removed the thing in her wall about it?

Maybe you should check ur facebook profileeither u wrote a wrong date of birthor maybe facebook has forget to show ur birthday notification on ur friend's Homepage.

Is ipad2 real?

Its Thicker and Lighter!