Is the sweet pea a climbing plant?

Answer The sweet pea is a climbing plant. It climbs through leaf tendrils, which are modified leaves. A leaf tendril extends into the air until it encounters something, at which point it holds onto the ob... Read More »

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How do I plant climbing roses in Missouri?

Preparing the SoilPlant climbing roses in the spring in Missouri in sunny locations. Plant them in an organically rich soil that drains well. Till the soil at least six weeks before planting. Mix 2... Read More »

How do i grow a climbing shell plant?

Start RightWhen the temperature reaches at least 60 degrees, select an area of your garden that receives six to eight hours of sunshine. Soil must drain well.Till the garden area and remove all wee... Read More »

Hoya Plant Climbing Structures?

Hoya plants such as the wax plant are twining root climbers that can grow to 15 feet tall. Twining root climber means that the plant will weave itself around the support structure and grasp onto it... Read More »

Can you recommend a fast growing climbing plant?

Clematis Montana is the more vigourous variety of clematis. It has smaller flowers and will spread upwards upwards about 50 feet and outwards too to cover walls and buildings. Much prettier than iv... Read More »