Is the sun made out of the same material as other stars?

Answer Our sun is made out of the same material as other stars - elements similar to that found on Earth. The sun only appears different from other stars because it is much closer and, therefore, signific... Read More »

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What material is polyester made out of?

Polyester is a synthetic substance, made of long chain polymers derived from air, water, petroleum and coal. Polyester fabric is available in two varieties; PET, which is stronger and often blended... Read More »

Are all contacts made out of the same material?

most newer type of soft lenses on the market are made from silicon hydrogel materials, depends on the manufacturer. materials are generally the same, but different in designs/thickness/water content

What material is denim made from?

Denim is made from cotton. Cotton is harvested, and a cotton gin sorts the cotton from the seeds. The cotton is then carded and cleaned before it is straightened and spun into yarn. The yarn is wov... Read More »

What material is fleece made of?

Fleece is a synthetic material made primarily from polyester fibers. Clothing items like shirts and sweaters are made from the material, prized for its softness. Fleece gets its name from its wooll... Read More »