Is the sun causing headaches?

Answer On One Hand: Sun Exposure May Cause HeadachesAccording to, "too much exposure to the sun may predispose you to headaches." Sun headaches may be caused by a variety of factors. Among t... Read More »

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What is causing these headaches?

Your blood sugar would probably have been very low and the sudden intake of that much sugar would have sent you spinning. It sounds like your okay to have a bit of icing or something, but a lot of ... Read More »

What are causing these intense headaches?

It’s probably stress related.Plagued with headaches from childhood to middle age I have had many different types: Migraines, Cluster, Allergic, Visual and mild. The following has helped me and ot... Read More »

What could be causing these horrible and long there anything to worry about?

You may want to go to the doctor to be on the safe side. It could just be stress causing your hormones to fluctuate. Hormones can trigger migraines. Also, if you've hit your head lately, you could ... Read More »

Can oral infections give you headaches- & what am i doing wrong that is causing this!?

"Upping" your immune system is not the answer. If you have as much dental infection as you claim, some bad things can be the result. First of all, you can get Septicemia ( blood poisoning ) fro... Read More »