Is the sun a yellow star or a white star?

Answer Stars are classified by how bright they are and their temperature, according to Enchanted Learning. Our Sun is a type G yellow dwarf but will turn into a faint, white dwarf when it runs out of fuel... Read More »

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What is the name of a plant with a small yellow five petal star shaped flowers with one yellow leaf beneath the flowers?

Herbs will suddenly grow tall, flower and produce seeds then die when it gets too hot for them. That is what it means for a plant to bolt.

Is a yellow star considered our sun?

The sun at the center of the earth's solar system is a yellow dwarf star, which means it is a medium-sized star made mostly of hydrogen that is powered through nuclear fusion.References:Kid's Astro... Read More »

What planet looks like a bright yellow star?

Venus looks like a bright yellow star in the evening sky. Called both the Evening Star and the Morning Star, depending on when it appears in your viewing area, Venus is one of the brightest objects... Read More »

Which country has a red flag with a yellow star?

The country of Vietnam has a flag with a red background and a large yellow star in the center. Vietnam is a small country located in southeast Asia, bordered by China on the north, Cambodia and Lao... Read More »