Is the sun a planet or a star?

Answer The sun is a star; it provides the light and heat necessary to survive on Earth. Its surface is about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Because the sun is so hot, the gases that make up the sun (mostly hy... Read More »

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How to Tell a Star From a Planet in the Night Sky?

All of the planets in our solar system revolve around our star, the sun, and are much closer to Earth than stars. Certain characteristics of the planets allow them to be more readily identified, b... Read More »

How to Add a Boyfriend on Movie Star Planet?

Seen a boy on movie star planet that looks cute. Want him as a boyfriend? Here's how to add someone as a boyfriend.

What planet looks like a bright yellow star?

Venus looks like a bright yellow star in the evening sky. Called both the Evening Star and the Morning Star, depending on when it appears in your viewing area, Venus is one of the brightest objects... Read More »

Can a iPod touch buy movie star planet?

No,but the msp owners said they are working hard on a cool msp app for the iPod touch!If you click on safari and search msp,you will see it says that you must play on your computer til they finish