Is the sugar in gardein tofu vegan?

Answer I would assume it's vegan. Gardein wins awards all the time for vegan products, so it would be kind of weird if they weren't 100% veg friendly.

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How to Make Vegan Tofu Patties?

These are tasty patties suitable for a main meal. They're great accompanied by a delicious salad or steamed vegetables.

Vegan tofu scarmble sides?

Diced tomatoes are delicious with them, add a little salt before cooking the tomatoes to make it firm so it's not soggy.

If a vegetarian and a vegan got into a fight, over the last piece of tofu, who would win?

The animals! Neither are eating them! :o)

Is it ok for a vegan to eat refined sugar?

Vegan-ism is not a religion, so you don't have to worry about going to hell, if you inadvertently consume an animal by product :). Take some time to examine why you chose to become a vegan (health ... Read More »