Is the sugar in gardein tofu vegan?

Answer I would assume it's vegan. Gardein wins awards all the time for vegan products, so it would be kind of weird if they weren't 100% veg friendly.

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Vegan tofu scarmble sides?

Diced tomatoes are delicious with them, add a little salt before cooking the tomatoes to make it firm so it's not soggy.

How to Make Vegan Tofu Patties?

These are tasty patties suitable for a main meal. They're great accompanied by a delicious salad or steamed vegetables.

If a vegetarian and a vegan got into a fight, over the last piece of tofu, who would win?

The animals! Neither are eating them! :o)

Is organic sugar vegan?

Organic sugar is better for the environment, because it reduces harmful practices, such as pesticide use and crop burning. However, organic sugar is not necessarily vegan. The process of refining c... Read More »