I think im a stork.....?

Answer maybe you are!! i do hope so...i am due nexy weds but very tender boobs and feeling sick for last 3 days-- not sure if this is just mega bad pmt come early but heres hoping eh!! ?there is something... Read More »

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How to Make You Own Stork Sign?

Proudly announce the arrival of your newborn with a stork sign. This iconic yard ornament tells passers-by that you have a new family member. With little more than basic carpentry tools, plywood an... Read More »

How come the baby doesn't come from the stork?

What is a baby stork called?

Baby storks are called chicks. According to the San Diego Zoo, the chicks are born naked and rely on both parents to feed and care for them for a few months before they are self-sufficient. During ... Read More »

How do I rent a stork yard sign?

Locate a CompanyLocate a stork delivery company in your area. Look through local yellow pages for companies in your area. There are numerous stork rental directories online. To locate a company onl... Read More »