Is the steering column part of the powertrain?

Answer The power train system of a vehicle does not include the steering column. The rear axle, differential, drive shaft, torque converter, transmission, transmission cooling line, power train control mo... Read More »

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Is the starter a part of a car's powertrain?

A starter is not part of a vehicle's powertrain, according to patents put in for the components of a powertrain system. The components of a powertrain are: transmission/transfer case, crankshaft, i... Read More »

Is the EGR valve part of a powertrain warranty?

The auto powertrain refers to the internal, lubricated parts that develop power for movement, including the clutch, engine, transmission and differential. The EGR valve functions outside of the eng... Read More »

Is rack and pinion part of a powertrain?

A rack and pinion is not part of a car's powertrain. The rack and pinion is part of the steering system while the powertrain consists of the engine, transmission, drive shaft, differential and tran... Read More »

Define a Steering Column?

A steering column attaches the steering wheel or handlebars with the steering gear in a motor vehicle. It is what allows the vehicle to turn and adjust wheel direction from side to side to the desi... Read More »