Is the steel in appliances such as washers and dryers worth anything?

Answer Washers and dryers have electric motors, and those are made with copper windings, and the copper is quite valuable; the steel is much less valuable although it is still worth something. At the pres... Read More »

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Are stainless steel appliances worth the extra cost?

On One Hand: Attractive and DurableA hot trend in kitchen appliance materials is stainless steel, which can offer a sleek, modern, and stylish design. The durable nature of stainless makes it easy ... Read More »

What are washers and dryers made of?

They are made of Plastic and steel inside. And sometimes the whole body is of steel.

Who makes LG washers& dryers?

LG washers and dryers are manufactured and marketed by the LG Corporation based in South Korea. LG is a global producer of household appliances, cellular telephones, durable goods, commercial and i... Read More »

When were washers&dryers invented?

Since washing clothes has been done ever since people have worn them, there is no way to tell exactly when the first washer was originally invented. However, the first patent for a washing machine ... Read More »