Is the slot on my Windows XP computer versatile for both CD and DVD?

Answer They stopped making CD only optical drives years ago. Most of the time they are a CD and DVD drive combined into one. They even make Blu-ray drives now that can read Blu-rays, DVDs, and CDs.

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My windows xp sp2 home computer does not recognize my usb external hard drive but it accepts my digital camera and usb printer while the drive works great on both my friends and my work PC?

Answer pls check ur external h.d.d is usb2. so find out whether usb of both should be 2.

Where can i find artec 48u e+ scanner driver for both windows vista and windows 7 thank you.?

Looks like artec went belly up prior to these OSs.Have you tried using the XP drivers?ADD: Holy SH!T! You're right, this is a PITA!My artec 1236 works fine in XP. But just for kicks, I tried settin... Read More »

Why windows xp loads faster than windows vista both on PCs with same processor and RAM?

the reason for this is that vista is a newer operating system, and it has more features and is more "power thirsty".if we look back to operating systems running about 15-20 years ago, they are so m... Read More »

Can I put an SD card slot on my laptop computer?

While it's not possible to add an internal Secure Digital (SD) card reader to a laptop, purchasing an external SD card reader to connect via USB allows most computers to add and remove files from a... Read More »