Is the slot on my Windows XP computer versatile for both CD and DVD?

Answer They stopped making CD only optical drives years ago. Most of the time they are a CD and DVD drive combined into one. They even make Blu-ray drives now that can read Blu-rays, DVDs, and CDs.

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Where is the memory card slot on my computer?

The location of the memory card slot can vary depending on the computer and the manufacturer. A good way to find the memory card slot on a laptop is to search for a compartment on the back of the l... Read More »

Can I put an SD card slot on my laptop computer?

While it's not possible to add an internal Secure Digital (SD) card reader to a laptop, purchasing an external SD card reader to connect via USB allows most computers to add and remove files from a... Read More »

Where is the PCI slot on an Acer Aspire computer?

If your Acer Aspire has a PCI slot, it is located on the motherboard near the bottom corner of the computer. PCI slots are white in color and allow you to connect expansion cards. Most Acer Aspire ... Read More »

Digital Camera Memory Cards - Does your computer have to have a slot for one to use one?

You have two options to read your cards;1. buy an external USB card reader. You plug this into a USB port and use it to read the card.2. buy and internal card reader and install it into your PC if ... Read More »