Is the site '' a trustworthy site?

Answer Yes, it is a trustworthy site! I ordered all my kpop posters and merchandise and they arrive very quickly :] If there are any problems or questions, you can just email them, or ask them on their f... Read More »

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I have been looking to buy an iPhone online and I found this site mobilesalesincdotcom does anyone the website and is it trustworthy?

Adobe Flash is not currently supported on the iPhone, so it is not currently possible to download the Adobe Flash player to the iPhone.

Is this site legit It's a site that sells DVD's for TV Shows.?

It's 100% legal to sell pirated american goods in China because they don't enforce American Copyright laws. This site is based out of china, and is most likely just VHS-quality shows taped off the... Read More »

If you put a playlist on a networking site, can you change to one of your other playlists on that site?

I have on my Multiply page, and it does give you the opportunity to have more than one. I have enough problems with that one to investigate having a second.They say my connection is to... Read More »

If you have a secure connection to a Web site, does that mean you can trust the site?

SSL only ensures the safe data transmission from client to server. Hence it guarantees only data safety.