How to Fold Paper Airplanes?

Answer hey have you every wanted to make a paper airplanes while you was in fly to the front just to bother the teacher..well in about 20 seconds time you can do just that.

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How to Make Easy Paper Airplanes That Fly Far?

There are many different ways to fold a paper airplane, some more complicated than others. Although a paper airplane can be folded in intricate patterns and shapes, many times these planes will not... Read More »

How to Make Easy Paper Airplanes?

Kids love constructing and flying paper airplanes. They're incredibly easy to make and are fun to watch as they sail through the air and land across the room. Whether you're stuck indoors on a rain... Read More »

Easy Directions or Instructions for Paper Airplanes?

Paper airplanes are fun to play with, and surprisingly easy to create using a simple, white sheet of paper. Although you can fold a piece of paper in numerous ways to create an intricate paper airp... Read More »