Is heroes season 5 cancelled?

Answer yes Tim Kring announced that the series has been canceled due to lack of viewers. Although there has been talks of a spin off tv movie to wrap up the series. Makes me sad. I have nothing to watch n... Read More »

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I no that the Jay Leno show has been cancelled but every night at 10 he is still on When will the show actually end?

yes she does Source: Australian TV Channel, Channel 10 Date:27/1/2011 Time:7.30 Oprah Confessors

Why did the mr men show get cancelled?

It's not cancelled! There's 4 more seasons planned of Mr. Men Show. There's seasons 3 and 4 of Mr. Men Show and seasons 1 and 2 of What A Calamity.

How do you cancelled tv show?

Why was the gir show cancelled?

If you mean Gir from Invader Zim , Nickelodeon felt it was too dark and so did most parents, so they didn't allow their children to watch it , which resulted in poor ratings."The show Invader Zim w... Read More »