Is the serving size of archer farms quinoa (1/4 cup) measured cooked or uncooked?

Answer If I had to guess, from the small serving size, I'd say "uncooked". If you are interested in quinoa's nutritional information, this link provides the info for cooked quinoa. Read More »

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Does Archer Farms use genetically modified ingredients in their foods?

How long can uncooked bison steak be refrigerated before it is cooked?

if it is sealed tight a couple days at most. Cook it as soon as possible though

What is a font size measured in?

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Is there any difference between red quinoa&traditional quinoa?

Quinoa is a gluten-free whole grain that can be enjoyed by people with wheat sensitivities. Two varieties are common: red and traditional (white). According to Eden Foods, a manufacturer of quino... Read More »