Is the school allowed to touch a child?

Answer uuum i think dragging a child is wright because if a child is been norty running aobut then yes he shud be removed or if he refuses then yes he shud be draged out at my private school i am 11 and ... Read More »

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Are child molesters allowed on school grounds?

How do you calculate the time percentage each parent being with the child when the child has school and one parent sends the child to the school while the other picks him up when school is over?

The amount of hours with each parent, minus time at school. see link

Is it wrong that whoever gave birth to an adopted child isn't allowed to know what happened to that child?

Let me be very very clear when I type this.RECORDS WERE NOT SEALED TO KEEP THE MOTHERS AND CHILDREN FROM KNOWING EACHOTHER. There is no reason for privacy and secrecy. Mothers were NEVER promised i... Read More »

Should advertising be allowed on school buses and school ground?

No. Advertising on school grounds would actually contribute to more issues amongst students. That is one reason why many schools have opted to have school uniforms for students because if you ha... Read More »