What causes ringing in the ears?

Answer Listed below are the probable conditions that a person who experiences ringing in the ears might have:• Ear infections – Otitis media is the inflammation of the middle ear which is the ear drum... Read More »

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Ringing in ears im only 16?

As you are very young the tinnitus as in… is most likely only a very short term or very temporary situation and you will regain normal hearing very soon.

What does ringing in ears indicate?

Persistent ringing in the ears, called tinnitus, commonly occurs in people over the age of 40, with men having more problems than women. Usually associated with a form of hearing loss, ringing ears... Read More »

Does hypothyroidism cause ringing in the ears?

Hypothyroidism, which is most commonly caused by Hashimoto's thyroiditis, often results in a ringing in the ears, which is otherwise known as tinnitus. Other thyroid conditions, such as hyperthyroi... Read More »

Slight ringing in ears?

The term tinnitus is from the Latin word tinnire which means "to ring". However, the sounds may take many forms, like humming, hissing, whistling, roaring or clicking.Although tinnitus is common an... Read More »