Can ringing in your ears be a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Answerthey could be, but if that is the only symptom you have i wouldn't relie on it. their are lots of reasond you could have ringing in your ears, but often times you can get headaches when your ... Read More »

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What are the treatments for ringing in your ears?

Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) is not a condition itself; it is usually a symptom of some other underlying condition such as an ear injury or a disorder of the circulatory system, according to the ... Read More »

Ringing in ears im only 16?

As you are very young the tinnitus as in… is most likely only a very short term or very temporary situation and you will regain normal hearing very soon.

Ringing in the ears due to herpes?

It can be an infection in your ears, Herpes, or a cold or anything i dont know

Slight ringing in ears?

The term tinnitus is from the Latin word tinnire which means "to ring". However, the sounds may take many forms, like humming, hissing, whistling, roaring or clicking.Although tinnitus is common an... Read More »