Is the right or left breast more prone to breast cancer?

Answer On One Hand: Left Breast May Be VulnerableThe left breast may be more prone to cancer than the right.In a 1996 study at the National Cancer Institute, approximately 250,000 breast cancer cases in t... Read More »

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I'm 13 years old and I found a lump in my left breast. Is it breast cancer?

Relax...I found a lump when I was 16. It was just a cyst. The doctors told me that it is EXTREMELY rare for women under 30 to have lumps in their breast, and in the rare case that it a girl gets o... Read More »

My 10-years-old daughter has a lump in here left breast does it mean cancer or just is her breast growing?

I would say boobs, my stepdaughter had the same thing happen to her and her bio-mom told her it could be some sort of infection. It scared her half to death poor girl, I just reassured her that sh... Read More »

Can you get breast cancer in the other breast right after chemo?

Although one of the goals of chemotherapy treatment is to reduce the spread of breast cancer and prevent recurrence, cancer can occur in the same breast or in the other breast during or right after... Read More »

23 weeks pregnant and im feeling pain right under my left breast but not on my breast at the beginning of your stomach area is this normal?

AnswerMaybe it is heartburn. It could also be a regular stomach ache if it isn't constant or just happened once.