Going to jail for editing wikipedia?

Answer hahahaha

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How to Deal With a Loved One Going to Jail?

There are struggles the ordeal of a loved one being in jail entails. Here are some steps that can help a heavy heart cope.

How to Tell An Employer That You are Going to Jail?

Before going to jail...let your employer knowDid, all of a sudden, your luck turn on you? Do things seem to be pretty tough for the next while or so? You may have a great job, a great family, but y... Read More »

My girlfriend is 14 and I'm 17 We both live in Ohio and she might be pregnant Is there a chance of me going to jail?

No, because you're both minors. But when you turn 18, things might change. 14-17 and 14-18 are legally very different things. It's a borderline situation, and the laws are complicated so I can't gi... Read More »

Can a grandmother take custody of her grandchild if the mother is unfit and the father lives is in jail going to get deported?