Is the rank of Rear Admiral higher than that of Admiral?

Answer No. A Rear Admiral is a one or two stars officer, while an Admiral is a four-star officer. The Admirals rank is as follows: 1 star: Rear Admiral (lower half) 2 star: Rear Admiral (upper half) 3... Read More »

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How did the rank of rear admiral come into being?

What country? For the US, a Fleet is an Area Of Responsibility, not a group of ships, which also has many names. Be more specific.

Does a Brigadier general out rank a rear admiral?

No. Rear Admiral (equivalent to a Major General) is one grade higher than a Brigadier General.

Is admiral a rank in the Army?

Admiral is not a rank in the Army. It is the rank of the highest naval officers. An admiral is a top commissioned officer in the United States Navy, equal with a U.S. Army general. The only differe... Read More »

Is comodore higher or lower than admiral?

Commodore is not an actual US Navy rank anymore. It is a position held usually by a 0-6 (Captain) in the Navy. There are many different types/duties of a person holding the title/position of Commod... Read More »