Is the ps3 available without a blue ray player?

Answer No the PS3 games are on Blu-ray disc and if it did not have a blu-ray player it could not play the games except as downloads from the PlayStation network. In any case it is not sold without the Blu... Read More »

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Can you watch blue ray movies on a blue ray player without high def cable?

How do you play blue ray DVD on LG blue ray player without remote?

Is there a way to make the songs you download from iMesh available to burn or put on your MP3 player or iPod without paying?

Imesh+Itunes yes.if you have an ipod then you have itunes. When you have itunes all music is played there instead of in windows media player so yes you can.Its the same thing as if you bought the s... Read More »

Do you need a blue ray player to watch a blue ray disc or only a hdtv with an ordinary DVD player?

You must have a Blue Ray player to play Blue Ray disks because it is a completely different format than DVD even though the disks look similar. This is similar to asking whether you can play DVDs i... Read More »