Is the proportion of gays on wikipedia higher than in normal society?

Answer…1,137 Wikipedians openly identify themselves as LGBT.Edit:There is a list of gay people…You can count the number... Read More »

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Has a veggie have a higher I.Q. than a normal person?

I did see a news story recently that suggested that they do!!I think it is probably right because fundamentally, people who become vegetarian will have given a lot of thought to their decision, whi... Read More »

How to Help Gays to Express Themselves Freely in Society?

Help gays to express themselves out in public. Help them to come out to people. Start off small and get bigger. Don't judge them. Please read this to find out how to help.

Had kidney stone surgery two days ago and my blood sugar is elevated little higher than normal.?

Your sugars will be higher right after surgery.That is a huge stress on your body.Yes, It is normal.

Could having more energy than normal and being hungrier than normal one week after possible ovulation mean you are pregnant?

Answer This is very possible. In the early stages of pregnancy, your body's metabolism increases, thus providing more energy. Progesterone can soon kick in and act as a natural sedative, draining ... Read More »