Is the problem with my samsung lcd tv fixable without having to replace the lcd display?

Answer its actually under the manufactures warrenty i know exactly what your talking aboutbasically what they do is split the screen into 4 quadrants and when you send it in they fix the quadrantsummm sam... Read More »

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Samsung LE32C530 does it display 60hz?

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Not the Pic tube but video amplifier in Monitor itself may be faultypl connect a laptop output 15 pin VGA directly to Monitor and see whether monitor is faulty or your computer is faulty. If pic co... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a JVC TV Display Problem?

The Victor Company of Japan is known as JVC in the United States. It was a pioneer in the development of VHS video cassette recorders. Its television products are high-quality. However, as with any... Read More »

Samsung galaxy gio s5660 won't display texts?

Your Samsung Galaxy GIO S5660 may not be configured properly:Here is a link to an online manual for this phone:…Please see page 33 of this manual for infor... Read More »