Is the point of Facebook to make you hate your friends and family?

Answer I don't need Facebook as an excuse for that.Facebooks totally sucks, though.

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Why does my family want to be my friends on Facebook?

Oooohh bad luck! They're just looking out for you, partly. They're just being nosy and think its funny to poke around in your buisness. They just like messing about and looking through your stuff, ... Read More »

How to Make a Fake Picture With Famous People to Impress Your Friends and Family?

Maybe you want what looks like a picture of yourself and a celebrity together as a joke, or you're out to impress some people. Whatever the reason, modern technology can help you get the snapshot y... Read More »

How do you make the settings in facebook so only some friends know your personal info?

Privacy Setting -->Profile --> Profile- Basic profile --> Edit custom settings --> Except these people --> Type persons name --> and that person has a limited profile. You can change what people s... Read More »

What do you do when you hang out with the guy you like and your friends and your siblings hate him?