Is the pitcher plant extinct?

Answer Pitcher plants are still in existence today. The Nature Conservancy estimates that about 97 percent of this carnivorous plant's habitat is gone. Its natural habitat includes bogs, savannas and flat... Read More »

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New pitcher plant help!?

No, the plant won't die, you may lose the pitcher you've torn, but no more. It might have been better to leave the woodlouse in the pitcher, it wouldn't harm the plant and eventually it would have ... Read More »

Pitcher Plant Uses?

Pitcher plants were first documented in the 1570s. Since that time, it has become known by many names including Eve's cup, fly-catcher, flytrap, huntsman's cup, purple pitcher plant, purple side-sa... Read More »

Can the pitcher plant be taken as a drink?

The liquid of the pitcher plant is not water to drink. Pitcher plants have lids, preventing the capture of rainwater. The liquid inside the plants is made up of digestive enzymes and decomposing in... Read More »

How much does the pitcher plant eat in one month?

Each section, or pod, of a carnivorous pitcher plant such as the Venus flytrap can digest about one bug per week. The number of pod sections vary by plant, so a large plant with seven pods or traps... Read More »