Is the piano a woodwind instrument?

Answer The piano is not a woodwind instrument. You produce sound on a woodwind instrument by blowing air into a mouthpiece. Instruments in this family were originally all made of wood. Hammers striking st... Read More »

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What is a woodwind instrument?

A woodwind is a type of musical instrument that produces a sound when you blow air through a mouthpiece across a sharp edge or through a reed.Wood, Metal or PlasticMost modern woodwind instruments ... Read More »

How to Define a Woodwind Instrument?

Typically an orchestra is divided into four groups of instruments; woodwinds, brass, strings and percussion. There are a wide range of instruments included in the woodwind group, all of which come ... Read More »

What is the highest sounding woodwind instrument?

The piccolo plays an octave higher than the flute, making it the highest sounding woodwind instrument. Originally made of wood, the piccolo currently plays an integral part in many marching bands a... Read More »

How to Make a Homemade Woodwind Instrument?

A woodwind is an instrument through which sound is produced by a vibrating column of air. Woodwind instruments include the flute, oboe, clarinet and saxophone. Members of the flute family differ fr... Read More »