Is the piano a string instrument?

Answer The piano is both a string and a percussion instrument. It qualifies as a string instrument because its musical tones come from its strings, but the hammers causing the strings to vibrate also qual... Read More »

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Is the piano a woodwind instrument?

The piano is not a woodwind instrument. You produce sound on a woodwind instrument by blowing air into a mouthpiece. Instruments in this family were originally all made of wood. Hammers striking st... Read More »

Is a piano a percussion instrument?

A piano is a percussion instrument, i.e., an instrument that produces sound when a player strikes a part of it. When a pianist plays a note on the piano, hammers inside the piano strike strings to ... Read More »

What is the oldest string instrument?

The oldest string instrument could have been a type of harp. An Egyptian bow harp from a mural drawing dates back to 3000 B.C.E. and is evidence of a stringed musical instrument, according to the "... Read More »

How is sound produced on a string instrument?

According to the Cafe Muse website, stringed instruments make sounds when the instrument's player causes the strings to vibrate. With guitars, the player plucks the strings to create vibrations. Th... Read More »