Is the piano a string instrument?

Answer The piano is both a string and a percussion instrument. It qualifies as a string instrument because its musical tones come from its strings, but the hammers causing the strings to vibrate also qual... Read More »

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What is the oldest string instrument?

The oldest string instrument could have been a type of harp. An Egyptian bow harp from a mural drawing dates back to 3000 B.C.E. and is evidence of a stringed musical instrument, according to the "... Read More »

Is a piano a percussion instrument?

A piano is a percussion instrument, i.e., an instrument that produces sound when a player strikes a part of it. When a pianist plays a note on the piano, hammers inside the piano strike strings to ... Read More »

Is the piano a woodwind instrument?

The piano is not a woodwind instrument. You produce sound on a woodwind instrument by blowing air into a mouthpiece. Instruments in this family were originally all made of wood. Hammers striking st... Read More »

What instrument do you like better-Guitar or piano?

To listen to, I prefer guitar. Much more versatile.To play, I prefer piano just because it's way easier.