Is the phone dome for iphones reusable?

Answer No. They both run an averagely speedy A4 processor. The difference is the 16gb can hold twice as many songs, videos, contacts, and apps.

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How do you put 2 iphones on 1 PC without contacts changing on either phone?

Using the Apple App store, if you don't already have an account you can sign up throught iTunes.

Did Hardouin-Mansart's dome of the Invalides influence Wren's dome for St Paul's in London?

How come you can only connect with other iPhones when on bluetooth and not any other make of phone when on your iPhone?

this is simply because iphone uses itunes where as if a song was sent by bluetooth it may have been illegally downloaded. this way apple makes money from using itunes.

Can you download the lastes android software on your android phone like on iphones?