Is the pharmacist allowed to cancel prescriptions?

Answer He is allowed to not fill them if your prescription has expired.He is also allowed to phone the doctor for clarification of a prescription.Highly doubtful he can cancel a prescription.

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I am a licensed pharmacist in the Philippines. How can I be an international pharmacist in Switzerland?

You can't, you're going to happy to apply to med school and do a pharmacist degree

Would the secret service protect a president if he commits treason by enacting the patriot act which allowed Muslims to phone manipulate cancel a DOJ civil rights complaint?

Yes for six months after leaving office and the President would get 10 years clinton is the last to get prtection for life.

Why are my eye prescriptions so different?

You're leaving out some numbers, but if those are the numbers that they appear to be, then that is enough of a change in half a year to raise suspicion. Ask person who did the exam.

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