Is the periodic table ideal?

Answer On One Hand: Current Table WorksThe current periodic table, designed by Dmitri Mendeleev in the 1860s, is very easy to read in any format and has the ability to predict the characteristics of undis... Read More »

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Is urea on the periodic table?

No, urea does not appear on the periodic table because it is a compound of elements rather than one single element. The chemical formula for urea is CO(NH2)2, meaning one molecule of the compound c... Read More »

Is the periodic table finished?

The periodic table of elements is not finished because there is an unlimited potential for discovering new, heavier elements. As of 2010, the heaviest element on the table is number 118. The newest... Read More »

Who discovered the periodic table?

Lothar Meyer formulated a periodic table in 1868 and published it in 1870. Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev gets the credit for inventing the table because he published his version in 1868. Both men used... Read More »

Who founded the periodic table?

Nineteenth-century Russian chemist Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev created the first periodic table of elements in a chemistry textbook he authored in 1870. Mendeleev's periodic table arranged elements ... Read More »