Is the oldest smarter than the younger siblings?

Answer No, it just depends on the person, not the age or order of the siblings. If the siblings aren't too far apart (age wise), then their IQ is about the same. If both sibling are adults (at least 25 ye... Read More »

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Why are oldest siblings mean to younger siblings?

Are older siblings more responsible than younger siblings?

it depends what age are they like the younger one is 13 and the older one is15 than both will kinda be both of the same responsible but the older one will probrally be more.but if your talking abou... Read More »

Do older siblings tend to be taller than the younger siblings?

No,not really.Because some of the younger siblings exercise more than the older siblings.So when the person who exercise ,they will get taller due to jumping exercise like batminton,tennis,basket b... Read More »

Are younger siblings better than older siblings?

older siblings are beter, because even tho they can b meen they hve to do all the work, bacause thr bigger and stronger. if ur a girl be sweet and a dadys ltl girl, and ur oldr sibling has to do ev... Read More »