Is the oil from vitamin e good for plants?

Answer On One Hand: Vitamin E and PlantsVitamin E occurs naturally in plants. Seeds, nuts and oils, especially olive and sunflower oil, are rich in this healthy antioxidant. Grains, leafy greens and veget... Read More »

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Does a vitamin help plants grow?

Well yes, a vitamin can help a plant grow. For an explanation go to: please look at the related link below. AnswerThe experiment referred to above uses a mere four potted plants - two having been g... Read More »

My elephant ear plants are not growing good and some of them have yellow leaves. i got the plants at walmart?

they should be fine just plant them in partial shade/sun and water a little more than usual and the plants will become green again

What Is Vitamin D3 Good for?

Vitamin D3 is a chemical synthesized in skin when we are exposed to ultraviolet light, and has a wide range of beneficial health properties. Without adequate levels of vitamin D3, we are more at ri... Read More »

Do Tabacco plants make good desk plants?

Tobacco plants get very big. Try this plant, if you can find it. Browallia.