What should you do if your son had spacers put on his teeth on Thursday and one fell out that night and the ortho is out of the office until Tuesday?

Answer Answer wait til tuesday, he'll be fine.

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There's this person I like, and they looked 9 times on Thursday. I sometimes catch then looking at me.?

Don't intimidate them, just smile at them and walk awayif they build up the courage to say something to say don't be rude just say something nice like "Sure"Or you could just go up to them and say ... Read More »

Thoughts about this b*tch at the dentist office?

Same freakin thing happend with me. I have gingivitus also. They told me I needed to brush and floss. I already brush three times a day, & Floss at least once a day. WHAT MORE DO THEY WANT FROM ME?... Read More »

Is this still a Monsanto office 350 N SAINT PAUL ST, DALLAS, TX,?

Hi everyone my a1c is at 14! my doctor told the next time i come to his office would be on june 17 of this sum?

Congratulations, your blood glucose AVERAGE is 355. This means you're probably regularly hitting 500+. If I was your doctor you would be back in my office tomorrow and would be meeting with a boatl... Read More »