Is the nokia n97 prepaid?

Answer You can't

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How to Unlock a Prepaid Nokia Phone?

If you have a Nokia phone, the good news is that they are fairly easy to unlock. This is true of both prepaid and contract Nokia phones. Since the majority of Nokia's phones operate by Subscriber I... Read More »

How to Insert a SIM Card Into a Nokia Prepaid Phone?

The Nokia prepaid phone operates with a SIM card to communicate with the prepaid network, and to maintain your phone programming and account information. When you need to install a new SIM card in ... Read More »

How to Use a Nokia 6010 With the New AT&T GoPhone Prepaid Service?

The costs associated with cell phones can be hefty for people with minimal need for a mobile device. You may only need the phone as an emergency contact device while on the road or traveling. Payin... Read More »

Can you use a Nokia 6010 model phone with prepaid minutes?

The Nokia 6010 is available as a prepaid phone through AT&Ts GoPhone service as well as T-Mobile's prepaid phone service. The phone and minutes can be purchased from a variety of different retailer... Read More »