Is the nikon aw100 compatible with a mac?

Answer A very quick and easy way to jailbreak an iPod touch (any generation) is to: 1. Go to 2. Scroll down and click on what your computer has (EX: Windows) 3. Opens iTunes version 9 ... Read More »

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Nikon Coolpix AW100 keeps freezing up?

How long is your warranty good for on this camera?

How do i use slow motion on nikon coolpix aw100?

p54 in the reference section, see link (p54 with the binocular logo). It's only 60fps so it's really only half speed on playback.

Is the nikon eh-5 ac adapter compatible with eather the nikon ds90 or ds300 camera models?

Are the Nikkor lenses manufactured for the Nikon FM-2 Series compatible on a Nikon D40?

You don't say which product range (coolpix, DSLR, professional DSLR, industrial optics?)