My toaster pops up before the bread is toasted (yes it's on the darkest setting)?

Answer I absolutely despise small household appliances that don't work properly.I recommend hitting the toaster with a four pound hammer, that will give the thing an excuse for not working and will give y... Read More »

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ESPN highlights songs It was on ESPN last night 12-31 just before new years. It looked like highlights and there was a song i am trying to find out what it was.?

I'm 36 wks. I took 4oz of castor oil last night at 930 it's been 12 hours. I was on the toilet all night but no contractions. is there a chance it will still work how long before i go in labor?

Too soon Although there is little scientific, peer-reviewed data to support the claim that castor oil can hasten the onset of labor, there is plenty of anecdotal information that it does. Many chi... Read More »

Is it better to exercise just before dinner or just after dinner?

From a training perspective it makes no difference. The only reason why i would say before dinner is because exercising(especially running) can get real uncomfortable after eating.If you want to do... Read More »

How to Cram the Night Before a Test?

Have you ever been a situation were its the night before a big test and you haven't even cracked open a textbook or skimmed your notes? Well keep reading to find some good tips to stay calm and sav... Read More »