Is the nexis audio L-7 home theater system a good sound system?

Answer No its not; its way over priced, for what you get, cheap speakers and sub; not worth buying...and it will not work in a car....

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What's a good Home theater surround sound system for cheap?

Just sign up for Ebates! Its a website where they partner with other online stores, and offer you a cash back for the stuff that you buy on those online stores. Its hard for me to explain it, but t... Read More »

Does anyone have any recommendations for a home theater sound system with extremely good bass?

At that price level, you can only find basic systems, extremely good bass (As well as extremely good treble, etc.) starts in the thousands of dollars. At your price level, the only item I can recom... Read More »

I am Buying a home theater system, what is a good system to buy that is not expensive.?

I have an older home theater system that has L/R audio in, but my new tv has 5.1 optical audio out.?

Well your old home theater system if all it has is analog left and right inputs (which doesn't make sense for a home theater system) it cant be surround sound. Surround sound is 5.1 separate chann... Read More »